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Brush Cutting

We can safely cut on slopes of 30 degrees or a 58% grade or in wet and marshy areas where conventional equipment just can't go.


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(484) 796-1586

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Coatesville, PA
Chester County, PA

Brush Cutting

BlueCord Property care
BlueCord Property care

If you’re preparing land for construction or remodeling your landscape in Chester County, PA, brush clearing with Blue Cord Property Care is an effective way to quickly clear your property. Coatesville, PA homes and businesses alike can benefit from this service, which removes everything from a few palm trees to dense vegetation and tree stumps in no time. Here are a few key benefits.

Prevents Wildlife Infestations

You would not invite ticks and rodents into your Chester County, PA home, but allowing thick undergrowth to grow creates a breeding ground for pests, which increases the chances of dealing with a wildlife infestation. Fortunately, Blue Cord Property Care professional brush clearing company can clear out unwanted vegetation, leaving behind uninhabited land.


Reduces Fire Risk

The presence of dry, dead vegetation is a fire hazard, particularly during hot seasons in Coatesville, PA. A wayward spark from a stray cigarette can ignite overgrown grass and excess undergrowth to cause serious property damage. Blue Cord Property Care brush clearing mitigates this risk by completely removing problematic vegetation, leaving you with valuable peace of mind.

Improves Land Value

Brush clearing with Blue Cord Property Care gives a significant return on your investment. Getting rid of dead trees, overgrown bushes, stubborn weeds, and decaying stumps will improve your Chester County, PA curb appeal, increase the size of your usable land, and potentially boost your land’s overall value all in a matter of hours.

brush cutting

For the ultimate combination of efficiency and quality, hire a professional land clearing company with top-tier equipment like Blue Cord Property Care in Coatesville, PA. For years, this company’s friendly professionals have provided Chester County, PA home and business owners with affordable and reliable brush clearing, tree removal, and tree care services, in addition to 24 hour emergency availability. To request a free quote, call today and learn more about how we can help you.

Improve soil aerification

Ventrac aeration service from Blue Cord Property Care in Coatesville, PA improves soil aerification. By puncturing holes in the turf and removing soil cores, more air space is created in the soil. This enables fresh oxygen to circulate through the turf root system.

Improve water infiltration

Ventrac aeration service improves water infiltration. When soil in Chester County, PA becomes dry and compacted, it is harder for water to penetrate the soil barrier and reach the root system. Loosening compaction through Blue Cord Property Care core aeration allows more water to reach and provide nutrition for turf roots.

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